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Coach, Actress, Author

Welcome to my personal website.

I believe in Change and Transformation, in the power of imagination.

I love acting, poetry, theatrical plays and movies as I am an actress and writer.

I am an expert of body-mind connection, somatic work and subconscious.

I teach personal development, self-exploration and healing work in my courses and private containers.

I create change and expansion every day through conscious choices.

I am a passionate coach. 

Author of two books.

Other areas of Love: travels, food, music, nature, spirituality and bohemian style.

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maritè Salatiello

I love to define myself as a never ending student constantly keep learning and investing in my growth and evolution. In my passions and in the craft of acting, healing and evolving.

That’s what I teach to the people who decide to work with me.

I am an expert of the connection between body, mind and energy. Somatic work and subconscious.

I teach people how to create change and transformation through the body- mind connection.

I like to define myself as a Transformational Coach. What i am is a simply a Personal Coach. I help people in their process of growth, self-expression and freedom.

I guide my clients in paths of change and transformation throught different interventions and techniques: body and emotions, mindset, energy and embodiment work.

I consider the method acting the best embodiment technique ever learned during my two years at the Susan Batson studio in New York where i graduated as an actress in 2020. The method is a powerful technique to get in touch to your body emotions and behaviors through sensorial and body work.

The Somatic work is a technique that use a body approach to heal trauma. Starting from a body approch (breath, sound, touch, movement, awareness, presence) we can discover and heal stuck emotions, hidden wisdom creating internal energetic shifts. Somatic helps to regulate the nervous system, rewire the brain to change our subconscious and so our way of feeling, thinking, acting and behaving. It trains us also to stay present to our inner voice and body signals developing self-awareness.

Mindset work gave me access to the science behind the scene of how our brain works in the short and long term. It has shown me the mechanics of the brain, how it is possible to change habits through the power of repetition. We can actively use our mind to make the unconscious conscious.

I consider all of those elements the catalyst of the process of becoming. Change and transformation happes as result of conscious choices in everyday life.

My job, as a coach, actress and writer is to share these informations with people so they can develop self-awareness and the power to heal and transform themselves inside out in a process of creation.

Healing is creative.

I teach you tools and techniques to understand and discover your body and mind as the most powerful tools you have access to heal, unfold and transform.

My signature course is Becoming You, a 3 season program where i teach and support my clients into the process of self-discover and self-expression. Healing the past and the unprocessed trauma, unfolding their truth and exploring their hidden gifts, intelligence and wisdom, to become the best version of themselves. All in a 1:1 journey and using multiple levels of intervention: science, body and emotions, mindset, and energetic work.

To make an external change we need to create substantial internal change first.

I work with women, men and any gender, artists, entrepreneurs, celebs, moms. No niches required, but only the desire to heal and transform.

I also teach acting techniques for those who are interested.

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Writing is a big love, communicating through pen and paper flows naturally to me.

I write a weekly Newletter about personal development, mindset, emotions, body and transfomation, money and business, science and Human Design, acting and producing; and i have a Blog – where i share more of my personal and business life, trips and adventures. It’s all free and it’s good stuff.

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My first book The Right Time, letters from a stranger about life, love & death is about to be released soon.

It’s a collection of letters from me to you about life, love and death with some coaching and personal tips to guide through a path of growth and expansion. There are pieces of true life stories, coaching contents as much as promtps and exercises to follow.

It’s my belief that life is nothing else but a constant and repetitve cycle of death, healing, rebirth and becoming. The earlier we become good at navigating life the more we will enjoy it, which is my intention for myself and for you.

Learn more about The Right Time.


In 2022 i have co-authored with other 16 women the book – Lineage Speaks – writing a chapter called “The day I had to grow up” where i share about my story on breaking generational patterns thanks to the poweful process of grieving the loss of my loved one.

Published by the Exalted Publishing House it’s available on Amazon.

All the proceeds are going to support the no profit organization Emuli Girls.


I have produced with a dedicated and supportive team the show “The Way I Am”.

The one woman show inspired by the legendary character Barbra Streisand.

“The Way I Am” is a one woman show produced and played in New York City.

It’s the story of a funny Barbra Streisand (played by me) and her unstoppable determination on the road to become an Hollywood star by being a simple girl from Brooklyn. In a breathless comedy where resilience, transformation and love are the main ingredients.

Barbra is the dream, the star, the religion, the fighter and the winner. Read More about the show by clicking on the left button.  

During the forced isolation due to the pandemic I have produced, played and directed the short movie – Quarantine – finalist at the Independent Short Movie Awards, Indie X Film Festival and me nominated for Best Female Fist Time Director.                             

Follow the @Thewayiamplay on Instagram, here is the link.

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I don't send you spam! Read my privacy policy to know more.



I don't send you spam! Read my privacy policy to know more.