Maritè Salatiello

Coach, Somatic and Trauma practitioner, Actress, Author, Speaker .

Founder of Becoming Yourself.

Becoming Yourself is not only a container where I offer you teachings, programs, modalities, practices that will help you to heal, unfold and come back to yourself.  Becoming Yourself is a path. It’s a life style. It’s a choice and a commitment to yourself based on awareness, acceptance, and desire to become. And it’s a never ending one, since we are meant to keep growing and evolving during our life. Becoming yourself is coming back to a real connection to your truth, finding your wholeness, building your balance based on who you really are and who you are meant to become.

My experience and studies as an actress, graduated in The Method and my journey as a somatic and trauma practitioner and personal development coach has been the best combination to create Becoming Yourself: a journey on healing, self discovery and expression, and finally creation of the next version of yourself.

All of this through multiple instruments and teachings that are based on the connection between body, mind and energy.


Welcome to my website. A little bit about me. 

Hi, It’s Maritè!

I believe in Change and Transformation, in the power of imagination.

I love acting, poetry, and music as I am an actress and a writer.

I am an expert of the body-mind-energy connection, my work as a coach and therapist is to guide my clients into processes of healing, change and transformation by using the connection body and emotions, mind and thoughts, actions, behaviours and energy. 

I am certified in Somatic therapy and Trauma work.

I teach Healing, Personal Development and Energy work.

I am the Founder of Becoming Yourself : my trademarked brand and program based of the 3 stages of healing, unfolding and becoming and a container of various types of coaching and teachings, from trauma and somatic to personal development, from human design to shadow work, to sexual healing, from the acting method to business growth and self image work.

Becoming Yourself offers an immersion on the three stages of healing, unfolding and becoming to embody the most Authentic version of yourself, in all of the areas of your life: private, public and business.

I work with human beings of any gender, business companies, artists and public figures in 1:1 containers and groups.

I coach on Human Design: teaching on understanding your own energy type and all the gifts and shadows you can encounter if you are not aware on how specifically your energy works, based on your human design chart. Offering classes and private readings on your Energetic map: human design helps you to thrive based on your specific and individual energy.

I host three Podcast: Notes from a stranger, Notes for artists, The Holistic Actress Show:

Notes from a stranger are audio notes on self awareness, reflections, stimuli and life hints on how to navigate life, love and death at the best of your possibilities.

The Holistic Actress Show, is a guest based podcast: I invite people all around the globe to share their truths on the process of change, transformation and becoming.

Notes for Artists: is a podcast where I support your creative and artistic side giving you suggestions and coaching tips on how to explore that version of yourself, finding ways of self-expression, branding and marketing of your artist.

My passion as a coach, therapist, actress and speaker is to create space to let people be seen, heard and welcomed in their vulnerability and truth, allowing them to feel, express, heal, unshame, and transform themselves.

Every transformation starts from the inside to the outside, only through a profound self exploration, by using instruments of awareness, acceptance and ownership of the self. Only the inner work and the connection to the body can lead us to read profound messages and finding answers we are looking for. 

I believe that the body, mind, energy connection in collaboration with the expression of our artistic and creative side is the key for healing and change.

I am the Author of the book The Right Time, letters from a stranger about life, love and death, where I share, through letters, by me to you, the cyclical process of change.

Other areas of love: music, travels, food, photography, nature, sexual healing, kundalini yoga.

Discover more in ABOUT ME.


I am here to guide you to become the most authentic and fully expressed version of yourself. 


Becoming Yourself is a 3 steps process and technique based on the first stage of Healing (past), the second stage of Unfolding (present), and the third stage of Becoming (future).

In the Becoming Yourself container you can find different approaches and modalities for your own personal development and healing process, depending by where are you in your life at the moment.

I believe that everyone is different and needs different instruments to support themself in pursuing of their journey.

I propose different options for you that allow you to learn practical tools for self-healing, self-discovery and becoming, from self-pace courses to 1:1 live sessions with me.

Becoming Yourself The Basics:  (heal, unfold, transform), is a short term and self-pace program on the 3 stages, studied to give you a process to follow to map out your individual healing and becoming process. You can integrate the program with live 1:1 sessions with me. 

Becoming Yourself The Course: it’s a long term commitment of 6 months of work, with me by your side, in the step by step process of healing, unfolding and becoming. It’s a rich container that requires commitment to bring you to your next level with a lot of teachings, videos, paper material, and live sessions with me.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions on personal development and inner work based on the body, mindset, energy connection, 1:1 trauma body therapy, 1:1 somatic energy alignment sessions (energy work), 1:1 Human design sessions, 1:1 acting sessions. (online and live).

I also offer 1:1 and group mentorship and coaching (to individuals and business companies) on self development, character work, business growth and self-image work, conflict resolution, and I teach to actors and no actors The method acting.

If you are willing to learn more of Human design: I launched a self-pace pre-recorded course: Human Design basics, where you can find easily all you need to learn to understand and read Human design charts. Plus The Human Design Map Book: a 85 pages guide on your personalised Human Design chart, you’ll receive by email and that you can print and consult any time you need, showing how to specifically use your energy to thrive and empower yourself. 

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 Step into your authenticity

To live the life you really want to live, you have to become the person you really are.

It takes a journey of self-discovery, de-conditioning from what you have internalised, healing your trauma, and recognising who you really are meant to be in this lifetime.

Emotions and trauma can be overwhelming when not processed, honouring your gifts and talents can be difficult when you don’t know how to recognise and valorise them, and getting to the next version of you it’s always a choice that requires some level of work.

Last but not least: choosing the right communication and public persona for you is a fundamental step of your becoming.

Let me help to reconnect you with your truth, liberate your essence, build your character. –


How can i help you? 


I hold space for my clients in sessions of 60 mins on different topics and on different levels of intervention. This space is for you to bring on the table any type of situation, issue, goal, problem you want to work on. We will work together in collaboration to find answers within your body and mind, and i will guide you into a energy shift transition. The goal is to get into the session with no answer, getting out with new ones and with a rebalanced body and mindset.



Human Design is my pure passion. It’s been a life changing journey understanding, learning and now teaching about the energetic map. Human Design shows how unique you are, because of your unique and solo Bodychart. Human Design is a system that based on your date, time and place of birth shows your energetic map: your personal and unique energy map. The fact that we function in a different way and we got a different mechanic to function at the best of our possibilities is the base of Human Design. It tells you, based on your type, profile, strategy, authority, definition, and so many more details, what’s the best for you to thrive and get the most out of your skills, talents, energy. How to best make decisions based on your design. How the best work in a relationship or business team work. Book a session with me to know more on your unique chart.

BECOMING YOURSELF: My signature coaching program.

Becoming Yourself is a process, developed by the combination of acting, healing, personal development, energy work. A step by step process based on the three stages of healing, unfolding, becoming. The goal is  helping people finding back their lost AUTHENTICITY, and living, in any area of their life the full expression of their potential.

Becoming Yourself is structured in a way that will help you to map out your own process of healing, unfolding and becoming. 


I am certified in Somatic and Trauma work. I believe this is the most important piece of the cake, when we speak of healing, change and trasformation. I hold space online and live to heal your trauma through somatic and belief system work. As a PSTD survivor i know on my skyn the power of this work. Book a session with me to work on any type of trauma or painful experience you are dealing with on a body or mind level.


All of what i am creating begins with my acting experience. It’s on stage that i learned from the first time how to use the connection body, mind, energy. To change and transforming myself into charachters. This is The Method Acting technique that i use and teach to actors and not actors to have a deep understanding on how to use their unconscious body and mind to create change and transformation and freedom of expression. I teach workshops and acting laboratories, as much as private sessions. I also prepare actors and artists for auditions and other artistic projects. I coach also people and public figures to work on their emotional blockages and public speaking.

ENERGY WORK: somatic alignment 

Creating energy shifts is a natural consequence of working on your emotions and mindset on an unconscious level. However there are some incredibly powerful practices and techniques to help you rebalance your nervous system, heal your body and trauma and create energetic shifts. I am certified in Somatic Alignment: an powerful technique based on de-armouring, breathwork and energy work.


Free Resources: Podcasts 

A Show about Change and Transformation. Truth around life topics. And eventually also uncomfortable conversations.

By the Holistic Actress, Maritè Salatiello

Random audio notes, self awareness, life stories, challenges, reflections, stimuli, to keep up in the process of fully living and best navigate the seasons of life.

By Maritè Salatiello

This podcast is to acknowledge your artist and let you work through the difficult process of creation and self-expression.

Here you’ll find: creative methods, personal development techniques, business management, communication,  self-development notes for artists. Either you are a Pro or you are at the beginning of your artistic exploration.

By Maritè Salatiello


Have you ever felt lost? Not knowing where to go next? overwhealmed by the fear that is too late and the anxiety of having to take action?

Life in this book is described as a constant and never ending cycle of death, healing, rebirth and becoming. A natural path that every human being is called to walk through in different times and with repetition.

The most important thing is to listen to the body wisdom that always know when it is time to stop, die inside, feel, heal and let go, so we can be ready for our rebirth, our next level, our becoming.

Life is a never ending of upgrading stages in this beautiful and scary process.

Here some tools: letters from me, a stranger, about life, love and death and some personal tips to overcome the obstacoles and have faith in the wins you meet along the way.

with love,



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