Maritè Salatiello

Method Actress,

Healing and Transformative Coach,

Producer & Author

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THE RIGHT TIME – Letters from

a stranger about life, love &

death –  is going to be

released early January 2023.

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I don’t believe in Time.

I believe in Seasons.

The highest form of self-betrayal in my life it’s been not giving myself  the time to die, heal, rebirth and become when it was needed.

I’ve always been caught by this high pressure of delivering to the world what it expected me to be or to do. Ignoring the clear body signals and emotions that were there to show me my truth and direction.

This book wants to be a reminder for you to surrender to the wisdom of your own body. Trusting that the body knows everything you need. 

It also wants to encourage you to stop fighting the concept of time but instead start embracing the idea that seasons. I believe that everyone through life meet different seasons and that every season comes in the perfect Right Time. 

It’s all about cycles of death, healing, rebirth and becoming. Not necessarily in this chronological order, and with no warning on their lenght.

The key word is Trust and training on how navigating every single season becoming a master of life.

Hopefully, this book will be an inspiration to give yourself permission to stop, connect and explore in your own time every single season. 

Welcome to my space.

I am a Method Actress.

But not only that. Along the way I’ve got I wanted to become more.

My passion for human beings, their emotions and the transformative process, as acting is, made me choose a deeper journey of healing and becoming, not only for my actress but for my personal growth.

That lead me to deep studies on the human body  and mind, mindset and neuroscience becoming an expert of Trauma work and Emotional body release techniques.

I Have found a profound alchemy between Acting and Healing both linked and connected in a process of deep exploration of the self, exposure of the emotions, change and transformation.

I am a Personal Development and Transformative Coach.

I guide people through processes of deep internal exploration and change using multiple approaches based on the Method Acting Technique and different levels of Healing (body, mind, energy).

I am also a Writer and Producer

Author of the International Best Seller “Lineage Speaks” and – “The Right Time. Letters from a stranger about Life, Love & Death.”

I believe in change and expansion.

I believe Art forms can make that Change and Expansion.

I believe in the power of imagination.

Acting is been where the self exploration and transformation started and the most exciting journey in my life.

Healing is been pure self love, self acceptance and release.   

Coaching is the mission and the follow through.          

Producing a freedom reclamation.                  

Writing the power of the words in a the process of becoming.

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I offer private or group programs to learn more of this work and practice with me. [Tap in Coaching to discover my classes.]

I am based in Italy, moving for work and pleasure.

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I am the Producer of “The Way I Am”.

The one woman show dedicated to the legendary character of Barbra Streisand who I play.

“The Way I Am” is a one woman show produced and played in New York City.

It’s the story of a funny Barbra Streisand and her life in a breathless comedy.

It is made 100% with love, passion and dedication.

She’s goofy and loud, determined and resilient, truthful and loving.

Barbra is the dream, the star, the religion, the fighter and the winner. Read More on my show by clicking on the the left button.  

During the forced isolation due to the pandemic I have produced, played and directed the short movieQuarantine – finalist at the Independent Short Movie Awards, Indie X Film Festival and me nominated for Best Female Fist Time Director.                             

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Writing is my number one passion, it flows naturally for me to communicate through words.

I’ve started writing very early in life and I’ve published two books :

Siamo Figli di una Generazione Bastarda – an Italian humorous book about the Millennial generation and the society around them published in 2017. It’s available in Italian and english on amazon.

I am co- author in the book – Lineage Speaks – that it’s been released on January 21th 2022 and published by the Exalted Publishing House.

It’s a multi – author book written by 17 women sharing stories on breaking generational patterns and re-writing cycles for future generations, healing their Lineage. You can buy it clicking in the link below.

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maritè Salatiello

I love to define myself as a never ending student constantly keep learning and investing on myself, on my passions and in the craft of acting and healing.

And that’s what I teach to all the people who decide to work with me.

Never stop investing in yourself and in your acknowledge.

I am a coach.

Expert of the Method Acting. Personal Development Coach. Transformational Coach.

I am an expert of emotions, body & mind and their connection.

The Method taught me how to use my body and emotions practicing sensorial work and imagination to change the internal frequency and energy in relationship to the character and the story to play and address.

The Healing and Somatic work gave me awareness of how body, nervous system, mind and emotions are the catalyst of creating change and transformation in the everyday life.

My Job, no matter if on stage or in life, is to create change and transformation.

I teach you to understand and discover your body as the most powerful tool to heal, emerge and transform.

I teach people the science behind the scene in the process of transformation and I guide them through practices of releasing the past, the old stagnant emotions hidden in the body, the limiting beliefs and subconscious stories that are keeping them stuck in their actual reality in pain or no satisfied results.

I teach people to become aware of their truth, the one they carry underneath years of suppressing their real and authentic self. I guide them in a process of unfolding and unshaming.

I teach people to become the true version of themselves through a process of awareness, presence, emotional body release work, breath work, trauma work, mindset work, energetic and somatic practices that will lead them to their next level.

To make an external change you need to create an internal change first. If you are stuck or blocked internally is  going to be difficult to create any kind of transformation.

I also love to work with artists as High Performance Coach.

In the process of creation of an artist it’s required a high level of knowledge and control of the body, emotions in combination to a goal oriented mindset.

That applies not only for artists but for everyone who has to perform or create something. (a project, an interview, a concert, a play, a movie literally any kind of performance).  

I work on private and group sessions.

Through Digital Courses and Live.

Are you ready for the change?


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