Becoming You

heal, unfold, transform

 Becoming you is a private coaching program where I teach people to become themselves.

Why Shall I teach people to become themselves?

“Who are you Maritè to teach me who am I?”
Nobody, indeed I just give you tools you will apply yourself to discover the wholeness within you.”

I don’t know who you are.
You know who you are.
Or maybe you think to know it but reality of things is that we have been conditioned by the world around us since a very young age to become something different from who we really are.
Childhood, trauma, culture, education, family, countries, school and more… they all have influenced the person we are today.
Which is not necessarily something bad.
What is true is that, at one point in life we all start asking ourself questions about us or we all feel that something is missing.
A sort of disconnection, an internal need that wants to be explored, and the more you ignore it, the more it shouts.

We all carry on things that don’t belong to us but we have learned or inherited from our environment and generations behind.

A journey of self-discovery, unlocking your truth, becoming the next version of you.

Becoming you is made of multiple teachings, practices, live sessions with me, paper material, you will access forever.
Except for the live sessions that are not recorded, all of the rest is a precious and life changing course you will always have access to from your private online portal.
Plus the WhatsApp support, that based on what my clients say, is one of the most helpful and precious intervention for their own growth.

Becoming You is divided in 3 parts or seasons:
1. The Healing : understanding your past and heal it, learning the lessons from it, connecting to your emotions, trauma work, inner child and reparenting, understanding and rewiring the nervous system.

2. The Unfolding : going through a real unwrapping, scrolling off all of what doesn’t serve you no more, use your mind, body and energy on another level, discover your gifts and desires, sexual healing, goals, balancing your energy, Human Design, elevate your soul, tapping into creativity.

3. The Becoming : a process of transformation, starting new habits, deep reprogramming of the unconscious, money mindset work, relationships, new self image, deep embodiment of the person you want to become.

3 Seasons:

Healing = 3 MODULES

Unfolding = 3 MODULES

Becoming = 3 MODULES


Every Module: 5 recorded workshops + 1 live session with me

1.Science Behind The scene

2. Embodiment session

3.Mindset work

4.Visualization Practice

5.Bonus Session

6. Live session with me

Science behind the scene : one 90/120 mins workshop to learn the basics, foundations of the work based on the module topic. In these workshops I really dive into the science, the mechanics, the knowledge you need to learn and understand from a conscious level. Recorded.

Embodiment session: I am a somatic therapist and a method actress, which means that I am very familiar to the work on the body on a subconscious level. I will guide you through somatic and sensorial work to learn how to connect, feel and read the body signals, releasing your emotions and  reprogramming your body, mind and energy into a new frequency. To know more of what somatic and embodiment work click here. The session is 1 hour length. Recorded.

Mindset session: 75 mins per module of pure mindset work. Personal development, goal oriented work, new self image, reprogramming your mind and belief system. Recorded.

Visualization : 30 mins of practice to get into the habit of using your imagination to change your energetic frequency and manifest your reality. Breath work and visualizations to create your future self. Recorded.

Bonus session: this session is recorded and it’s a deep exploration of a theme in connection to the topic of the module, it can be either science, or embodiment or mindset or others depending by the module and the clients needs. It lasts 60 mins. Recorded.

1 live coaching session of 90 mins with me – where we are going to do the work together based on the client needs and developments. Not recorded, live.
1 Q&a session at the end of each season. Not recorded, live.

The duration of the program is subjective. It goes from a basic length of 3 months (I usually go for 3 modules in a month) up till 6 months, depends by the pacing of the client, their needs, the time required to implement and integrate the work, the client resistance to do the work (it will show up). And all of this is personal. I don’t look at the clock when is about to heal and transform. Every process is different and must take the needed time.

For whom this program is for?

  • Who is ready for an internal exploration of themselves, and/or in need of a change in their life.

  • Who is going on through difficult times and need to heal inside out.

  • Who wants to learn how to deal with emotions, emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, getting in a place of awareness, and confidence with their body.

  • Who feels stuck, missing something out, angry or simply not satisfied of their life or results.


  • Who is already in a transformational path and need external support and guidance in the process of becoming the next version of themself.

  • Who wants to be freer in business and in their personal relationships.


  • For those who have goals, desires to achieve.

  • Men,  women, young women, adults, any gender is welcome.

  • Artists: who needs to create a separation between themself and their artist. Self-exploration and inner work is highly reccomanded for artists. Actors, singers, musicians, painters, chefs, designers, writer, directors … all kind, when your work is about your self-expression you need to take care of yourself.

  • Coaches: yes coaches need coaches, we need to support and learn from each other during the process of giving to others. 





If you feel called to work with me and invest in Becoming You i am making it as easy as possible. I would like money not to be the problem that can eventually stops you from joining the program.

Becoming You is a very well equipped package, and is valued much more than the actual price.  The price in full is €2500 or i offer payment plans from 3 up till 12 months.

Feel free to contact me for info about the payment or to get more informations or clarity on the program.





Becoming YOU: one full payment or from 3 up to 12 months payment plan

About Me

My name is Maritè Salatiello, i am an actress and coach specialized on somatic, emotional and energetic work. I have graduated as method actress at the Susan Batson Studio in Nyc, and have studied healing and personal development for years with multiple coaches, teachers and schools. On my way now to become a certified somatic therapist at the Institute of Santa Fè – Shamed based.

As an actress i believe in the power of the body and in the necessity to supporting my artist through paths of self exploration and healing.

As a coach i use the wisdom of the body, mind and energy to create change and transformation in my life, in my world.

I teach the same to all the humans who decide to work with me.

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