Human Design

Discover who you really are

What is it Human Design?

Human Design, originated by Alan Robert Knakower in 1992 is a system, proved by science, based on mutiple disciplines from both the ancient and modern worlds – such as The I Ching, kabbalah, quantum physics, the chackra system, the planetary transictory – that based on your time, day and place of birth reveleas you energetic blueprint, how unique your are.

Human Design is a complicated and meanwhile simple, holistic system based on one guiding principle: Differentiation. It’s the ‘science of differentiation’. It involves science and psychology.

It’s based on this principle: Everyone has a their own road map.
We are all wired to operate differently (from an energetic pov).

Everyone has a different Dna and energetic structure that needs to be explored and understood in order to operate, at the best of our possibilities, in the daily life decision making process. From big decisions to small ones like food, sleep, actions, relationships, till business and marketing.



It shows you your unique Bodygraph, your natural skills, the energy you have consistent access to, your shadows and limitations.


This is an example of a bodygraph: it shows the specific unique energetic bluprint of every single person. In the bodygrapth there are all the informations we need to read in order to understand: design type, profile, strategy (to make decisions), authority (to make decisions), activated gates, channels, definition (how to process informations), planetary transits, your personality, your design. All the energetic movements that are currently moving through your body right now! 

How Human Design looks like?

This picture (via illustrates the 9 energetic centers of every bodygraph. Every single center works on specific types of energy. It’s relevant to know what are your defined centers and what energy you have constanly access to, as much as, what are your undefined or open centers so you don’t have access to that energy all of the time, and can be conditioned by external energies on your decision making process and choices.


Growing up, we all have been conditioned by our surrounded envioronment. Conditioning isn’t a bad thing, it’s only a matter of fact.

To make money you have to work hard”, “to digest better you have to eat 3 times per day, no more”, “don’t wait, just go for what you want”, “procrastination is bad thing”, “You can do only one thing at time”, “rest is for not productive people”, “make decisions with your mind, be logical and rational or it won’t work out”.

We have been taught to be all samples one of the other.

Conditioning means we have been programmed to have specific beliefs, fears, pressures that are coming and taught from people around us: family, friends, society, schools, culture.

We are also condioned by the Neutrino Steam program: the planetary transits and movements.

When we act from those internalized conditioning we disconnect more and more from who we really are and how we are designed to operate in the world. And so from a Human Design perspective we will live in our “Not self “, getting stuck in patterns that will take us away from our purpose, soul, and energetic mechanics.

Conditioning means = I am not my authentic self because i have been taught to follow other’s people model and to be disconnected from my own body + making decisons from my mind (not knowing about strategy and authority).

We have always looked at what others did or does, to repeat the same process so we can achieve the same results.

But guess what?

It didn’t work out for us.  And that’s because we all function differently. We all have a different mechanism to thrive and succed, which is unique. Human Design shows you your mechanics, based on the energy of your body.

Human Design gives you the foundation of who you are.

“I am unique, i have a different combination of type, strategy, authority, signature, channels, gates, people around me, planetary transit… i must know how do i work to align to my true self and start functioning based on my uniqueness.”


Every single session lasts 75 mins, is going to be recorded and you will have life time access to it.

What are you going to get from a Human Design session with me?

Human Design can be very complicated (always something to dig in deeper) but it can also be very simple. Personally it took me a lot of time to begin to apply my strategy and authority in every day life decisions. And it was absolutely enough to get to results without having to know that much more. I have added one informations after another to give myself the time to digest and integrate the informations. This is what you can get from 3 different human design sessions of 75 mins each with me.

First session is going to be about the most important pieces: your type, profile, strategy and authority and definition. I will study your chart a couple of days before our meeting and give you all the informations you need to understand your machine. The session is recorded and you will have long life access to it.

In the second session we are going to dive deeper in your chart: i will show and explain your activated channels and gates, giving you a specific perspective of your conditioning based on your open, undefined and defined centers, i will share about your incarnation cross, so to speak your life theme and purpose.

This is for the ones who really want to take the best out of human design: the connection chart. Our original chart is meant to change every day based on the planetary transit and by the people who come under our aura. In this session i analyze the interaction between you and another person who is significantly present in your life: romantic partner or business one, friend or family member. We can generate different energy when interacting with another person’s energy. I will show you your points of strengh and power as much as your shadows and conditioning to make this connection working at the best of their possibilities

I’ll hold 75 mins space for you on zoom, in a recorded session where i’ll share with you all about your own unique Human Design chart. I need to receive your place/date/time of birth a couple of days before the reading to prepare the session if it’s our first one. Look the paragraph above to see how do i usually structure my sessions of Human Design.

This is my new entry. If you buy this offer you’ll have your e-book of +30 pages about your chart. All the info you need to become familiar with you own design, chart, channels and mechanincs, how do you work energetically directly in your hands! Usually it takes from 7 to 10 days from the payment to receive it by email.

Who book the fist session of human design often wants to know more and end up booking the second one or the third one. Human design is a lot of informations (to study for me) and to share with you. This is a convinient package if you want do have more.

Do you want them all? That’s then is the most convinient choice: 3 sessions with me on your design and your human design e-book delivered!

I have been receveing requests for human design sessions as gift for friends. Honestly i find it lovely! Here’s the link if you want to surprise a loved one with the special gift of a human design session with me.

About Me

When i discovered Human Design i didn’t get right the way into it, it took me some time to grow the passion that i have today. As a personal coach it’s essential for me to understand the body energy and mechanics of the people i work with because it gives me a lot of material to help them in their developlment, process of sel-expression and alignment. As an actress now, when i study a character i do want to know their chart: if i am working on an existent character i can easily found their HD out, if it’s a fictional charachter i make that up. It gives me so many “secret details” that are going to give more intimacy and specificity in the performace. As a human being i finally feel understood and seen by this system, it’s been so much easier to give myself permission to be myself, it’s been a relief to know that i am not “crazy or strange” in the way i feel or function, in relationship to my desires and needs, since Human Design showed me how my body system works and what moves me in terms of energy. Owning my energetic characteristics and living by following my strategy and authority is been only a matter of practice. 

"You are not lazy, you just don't love what you do"

Gary Vee

Generator Strategy = Satisfaction

"In non pulvinar purus. Curabitur nisi odio, blandit et elit at, suscipit pharetra efficitur elit."

Kason Espinosa

"Semper leo et sapien lobortis facilisis aliquam feugiat ut diam non tempus et malesuada."

Saif Guerra
Human Design Types

Human Design there are 5 different types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors. Every type has their own mechanics, way of functioning and producing energy.

Human Design Strategy and Authority

Strategy tells you how to make decisions based on your type. Authority is your unique way of getting in touch to your own intuition.

Human Design Profile

A Profile is made by the combination of the two numbers in your chart: the personality sun and the design sun and they rapresents your conscious and unconscious personality. We have 6 lines in Human Design and by the combination of them we obtain 12 profiles. They rapresent archetypes, how move in the world.

Human Design Definition

It depends by how many centers you have defined and open (or undefined) and their connectivity. It’s all about how do you best process informations.

Human Design Themes and signatures

Signature is the way we feel when acting in alignment to our design. Called also self-theme, and Not self-theme rapresents how we feel when we aren’t in alignment with our design. Every type has their own signature. 

Human Design Centers and channels

There are 9 energetic centers in human design, each of one rapresents a certain type of energy that moves through specific gates and channels.They are also referred to specific area of our body.

Human Design Variables

Variables are the 4 arrows in the chart and they tell you about your digestion, enviorment, awareness and perspective.

Human Design Planetary transit and connection chart

Human Design is strictly connected to the concept of aura, our energetic field that comes with us everywhere we go. As we influence others who come under our aura, we get to absorbe others energies too. Our original chart is destined to be different depending by who we have next to us and the planetary movement in the universe.This is part of the conditioning.



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