"I thought my emotions were my number one enemy until I've learnt how to use them in order to become the best version of myself and to be in service of what I love the most: acting and express myself."


Coaching is nothing else for me than the extension of my personal development work.

I do find indeed that every time I coach I bring home something new for my growth.

The artist way is a never ending path as the inner work is.

I’ve found that sharing my journey and life experiences, studies and researches with others is medicine.

It allows me to keep exploring and learning and it’s a pure joy to be in service of others.


I work with actors, women and men, groups or individuals on personal development and transformational journeys in different areas of their life (from business to relationship, from internal emotional blockages to trauma work, from mindset training and manifestation work to shadows work). The key word is CHANGING  through paths that require to work both on the mindset and the body.

In order to grow, evolve, discover themselves, finding pleasure, overcome past beliefs and limitations with the intention to reach out new goals and results.

I believe that sharing is the most powerful tool we have to make a change as human beings in this world.

So far I’ve had the pleasure of working with beautiful humans.

It’s been such a gift. I am here to serve you.


My coaching offers include either acting training as acting coach (on the basics of the method acting to the character development work, preparation for auditions and English for not English Actors); either personal development work as life coach.  In this last case I love to work with actors, women, men, groups or individuals, and any other variety who wants to obtain a change in their life.

My studies have been focus specifically on the nervous system, emotions, subconscious mind and techniques to reprogram it, sexual blockages and traumas, embodiment techniques, manifestation.

I teach my clients how to become aware of their subconscious program and to overcome all the internal blockages, emotions, traumas stored in their body that are making them feel unsatisfied, stuck, sick, not confident, suffering, limited, unable to create the life they want. I help and support clients to create new versions of themselves so they can feel good within their body, achieve new goals and results, finding pleasure and sexual freedom, overcome emotional and financial blockages, heal their relationships, wire their nervous system. Using the method acting technique, practices to reprogram the subconscious mind supported by neuroscience, breath work, visualization work, emotional body release techniques, tantra sex and other embodiment  techniques that involves the 5th senses.

 I’m graduated at The School of Integrative Healing of Jana Barlett Alonso where I specialized on emotions and trauma work, reprogramming the subconscious mind techniques, nervous and hormonal system, manifestation and quantum physics.

I have studied for over one year with the sex and relationship coach and expert Shani Hutton to learn sexual healing and embodiment techniques.

I am also graduated at the Susan Batson Studio in New York City where I have completed my acting studies for two years specifically on the method acting technique.


As an artist I think that creativity is a huge part of healing and healing is a necessary part of creativity. They Must work together.


I offer private sessions, live workshop and digital courses to groups and individuals.


Read more of my education and training below.


I’ve studied acting in Rome with Gisella Burinato at her acting studio C.I.A.P.A. ( 2014-2015) and Michael Margotta through his acting workshops (2015-2016).

Then i moved to New York City in 2018 to study the method acting at the Susan Batson Studio for a 2 years full immersion Visa Program.

At the Studio I’ve worked with Coaches as Susan Batson, Carl Ford, Cloe Xauflaire, Tom Brangle, Wass Stevens, Omar Salomon, Lil Malinich, Mary Setrakian, Barbara Duffy and many more.

I keep study acting since I consider this a never ending journey.

I studied and I teach The Method.

The Method Acting is one of the most famous and followed technique for actors, originally created by Stanislavskij and developed by Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in New York. I had the pleasure to work with Susan Batson, student of Lee Strasberg, great actress and renowned teacher on her version of the method.

Knows just as – The Method – it teaches you a very specific technique on how to approach the work on story, character, script all based on the substitution of the character life with the actor’s personal life, through the sensorial work, personalization, objective and body emotion release work. It’s based on a deep knowledge of the body and gives the actor tools on how to create, build, breath a new life.

maritè Salatiello


My personal Development work, knows as inner work started with my acting training.

It’s not a secret that studying the method is a deep dive into your personal world, past traumas and emotions.

So unconsciously I have started my inner work thanks to the acting training.

There was something missing though.

Life wanted me to experience a big loss in 2020, it was an unexpected and absolutely shocking experience that brought my body into a deep stress and anxiety state (I was already coming from a dysregulated nervous system due to the amount of emotional work I was applying in a daily basis for acting).

Right after experiencing that loss my Nervous system was out of control and I started living in anxiety with insomnia, depression, lack of motivation, sense of loneliness, lack of trust on others and fear for the future. I definitely experienced PTSD.

So I decided that I needed more than a therapist and I connected to Jana Barlett Alonso, specialist of Nervous System and Trauma work.

Jana adopted an holistic approach for my healing, working from the body to my emotions up to the energetics through techniques for reprogramming the subconscious mind (which is exactly the way how The Method Acting works).


At that time of my life I realized that the loss was just an event that opened the door up for a deeper healing from my old traumas, limiting beliefs, emotional blockages that had their origins long time earlier in my childhood.

After 6 months of private coaching I’ve realized I wanted to dive deeper on all of the topics I was learning from Jana knowing that I wanted not only to heal myself but helping others in their journey.  


So I’ve decided to join her school : The School of Integrative Healing where I graduated last August and where I am currently in for a second year specialization.

I have implemented my studying with Shani Emily Hutton, expert of Womb and Sexual Healing and with Alesha Mcneill for Money and Manifestation work.

Healing is a word that can have different meanings, what does it mean for me is: getting to know every single part of yourself, letting yourself be, meeting your dark and good sides, release every single emotion you feel, learning how to feel and how to love yourself exactly as you are – and more Changing those things of you that don’t serve you anymore in the achievement of your real goals and desires. 




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