1:1 Single Somatic Session




The Single Somatic Session is built to work on one specific topic to explore, and it's based on a somatic approach.

The Somatic approach uses the body and mind 5 senses as instruments to tap into the body wisdom to find answers, remove blockages, creating energetic shifts, and transform.

It's a 75 mins session on-line.

Bring in any problem, struggle, issue (physical, mental or emotional, personal or business) we will find wisdom and healing in the body thanks to the power of the subconscious mind. You can use this session to work on goals, desires and achievements, as much as for stuck emotions, internal conflict and any other situation you need to work on.

My private sessions are never the same, i listen and follow your needs and my intervention is going to be a response of the client specific needs, as client: we can tap into the body and doing some somatic work when and if the client is ready, we can stay into the mindset work, i can guide you through visualization, breath work, energy work, or i can simply giving you my advices and mentorship. It's always a new and different experience depending by the person i have to work with.

The 1:1 session is the best option to achieve results on a body, mind, emotional and energetic level.

Looking forward to work with you,