Package 4 Private Embodiment Sessions


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Special Discounted Package

4 Embodiment Private Session you can book anytime along the year at the price of €444 instead of €720.

The embodiment session is a somatic experience where I guide you through breath and sensorial work in a journey of connection to the body on a physical and emotional level (we explore what’s going on inside of your body not in your head) and through the release of negative emotions, past traumas through body movement, breath, sound, awareness and presence. We cleanse any negative emotion that is stored inside and change old stories you are carrying within you that are influencing your life, choices and results on a subconscious level.

Then I’ll guide you through the embodiment of a new frequency that will create new neuropaths in you brain and balance in your nervous system.

Perfect for who feels anxiety, stress, drama or strong emotions stuck in the body, emotional blockages, numbness and/or incapacity of feeling emotions, body and physical pain, unprocessed trauma to release. Perfect practice to regulate your nervous system, and to work on any issue or situation you are dealing with.

The session lasts 90 mins.