London’s calling: Super Sexy Soul Money Mastery

Aviary Terrace at the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Park, London.

Oh London!
What an incredible long week-end.
Let my share with you how I ended up in London this past week end with all of the fun, less fun that happened to me, lessons and gifts with some also good tips of where to go.

First and foremost London is been in my radar for very long time, I have procrastinated to go there because I needed to respond to some sort of internal call before going.
As a pure Generator in Human Design I need always to respond to my gut feelings as strategy to know I am on the right track.
And even if London was appearing in my dreams, in my visions, in random text messages, signs and titles all around me, I was not ready to respond to that call yet.


Until a couple of weeks ago.
A couple of weeks ago I was hanging on my bed at evening, scrolling Instagram without bringing that much attention to it, until I saw Mama gena, one of my fav influential woman, author of the book “Pussy” and multi millionaire owner of a mentoring and coaching business, popped on a live.

I enjoy so much her lives on Insta so I joined it and I started interacting with her.
She announced she would have been in London for a week-end event on pleasure, pussy and money at the end of June.
I was already turned on: two of my fav topics together, pleasure and money, with the Mama of all the mamas as mentor.

During the live I saw for the first time MaryAnne, one of the two organizer of the event, who hopped on the live to talk about it.
I didn’t have much to do at that point but only listening to my gut and pussy feelings telling me: “that’s your London call!”.

It was a pretty expensive trip to plan in such a short amount of time but I thought it would have been my birthday the week after and so I could have given myself a beautiful freedom gift.

Within two days I booked the flight, the place where to stay, my VIP seat for the event, the dinner out with the speakers, and all I wanted to. My body was so sure that it was what she wanted that I just relaxed about it and enjoy the image of me in a black London cab.

I have never seen so many people all together in just one place and I lived in Nyc for years!
Maybe is the summer, the post Covid effect, but I literally have never seen so many people all together as I did in London this week- end. Which scared me from one hand and excited me on the other.
I took a place close to Victoria station, so I could easily reach out the place of the event and enjoy walks around the city.

Super Sexy Soul Money Mastery
That’s the name of the event.
Here I am, with my pink suit, ready to step into my pussy power with the queen of the all the pussies, Mama Gena.

Me with Regena Thomashauer, founder of her multi-million mentoring business and author of the international best seller Pussy.

The brilliant intervent of Jo Davison, expert of Money Mindset and self-made millionaire (she said not self-made but couple made with her husband/ i love that).

Connection between Pussy and Money?
Many people don’t get that.
Honestly, at the beginning of my process of awakening and connection to my body, I didn’t get it myself too.
I have always taught that to make money I had to act like a man.
I had to jump all of the time in the energy of doing and sacrificing, of pleasing.
I totally excluded the possibility to create the life I desired with ease, pleasure, love and playfulness.
I honestly taught I didn’t deserved an easy way and access to pleasure but for whatever unconscious reason I deserved the sufferance and sacrifice I have always been asked to embrace by my culture.
I have seen my mom tapping into the energy of sacrifice for her entire life and becoming addicted to it.
As much as my grandma.
Since the minute they woke up till the minute they went to bed.
Doing, sacrificing, making things done, shaming themselves for any “not allowed” space and time for pleasure, for rest, for just being themselves.
Not given themselves permission to have desires, to receive more, to make things easy.
I have been profoundly conditioned by this mentality.
Do or you are lazy.
Sacrifice or you won’t deserve.
Don’t dream too big, don’t receive too much it’s greedy, don’t make noises while making love, and don’t make too much love.
Holding back, self-doubt, guilt, shame.

Dr. MaryAnne Shiozawa and Dr. Maryellen Stephens, the two powerful women who organized the first edition of Super Sexy Soul Money Mastery.

It’s a cultural thing.
It’s not a “men” thing.
It’s something that belong to a patriarchal society made of values based on unworthiness, undeservedness, self-destroyment and unprocessed trauma that affect not only women but men too.

“If you want success you have to suffer.
If you want money you have to sacrifice.
If you want respect you have to compromise.”

And we grow up with this oppressive feeling of not having other choice but to follow those rules.
As women is even more difficult. Being a woman who lives her life based on pleasure and freedom is an insult for the majority of people.
It’s judged as wrong.

Having pleasure is wrong.
Having orgasms is wrong.
Resting is for lazy people.
Making too much money if you are a woman is wrong.
Expressing her truth is wrong.
Expressing her anger is wrong.
Flirting is wrong.
Having a life of freedom is wrong.
Or weird.
Or not serious.

Pleasure in every form, food is on my top list.

Cacio & Pepe restaurant, 46 Churton St, Pimlico, London Uk

No matter how many times and ways the body spoke to us, we, as little girls, we started to betray ourselves at a very young age.
We betrayed that inner voice that told us “this is wrong don’t do it”, “this is not what you desire don’t follow” “this is person is not for you, let them go”.
We simply shut that voice down, for fear.
Fear of judgment, fear of criticism, fear of rejection.

Betrayal after betrayal we feel every day more and more disconnected and alienated from our true essence of woman.

That’s when making money becomes hard.
When everything we want and desire become hard to make.

When we disconnect from our pussy we disconnect from our life force, our compass, our sacral intuition, our power of creation, our playfulness, our divine power of manifesting.
The denial of our pussy comes from the internalized oppression of this patriarchal society.
Where pleasure is banned for both men and women but sweating and bleeding are welcomed instead.
Keeping the self-punishment mechanism alive.

When mama Gena asked me this week-end:
What is it more complicated your relationship with money? Or your relationship with your pussy?”
I was sure to say money, but then she added: “and by pussy I mean: are you wet every day?”

I laughed.

Turn on is the catalyst of attracting money.
Pussy is the great creator.
Pleasure is the highest frequency of love, sex, and money.

We are living in a world of unbalance between the feminine and masculine energy.
Between the doing and the being.
The giving and the receiving.
The structure and the pleasure.

Every woman who start connecting to pleasure in every single form is healing her relationship with money on and individual level and she is healing this world’s unbalance.
This world needs more pleasure, more freedom, more authentic truth, more orgasms.

As a woman with an individual business my cure is finding balance between the doing and the being and by being I mean being in my pleasure.

Women learned to compromise before they learned to come.” – Mama Gena

When you have an over articulate masculine, so strong in culture, it affects our feminine.
It affects every aspect of the power of the feminine, power of the confidence of the feminine, the magnetism, her senses are her own aliveness, feeling hot, expressing her voice, having pleasure, making money” – Mama gena

In the super sexy soul money mastery we have touched all of those elements from the masculine energy we all need, males and females, to make things done, to the essence of the feminine energy, the deep connection to the body, desires, emotions, grief, rage, pleasure.
I have listened to the stories of empowering women who began their carrers, motherhoods, marriages with no money in their pocket, building then empires of millions of dollars thanks for the alchemy between masculine and feminine.
Changing old paradigms, breaking old stories and beliefs around themselves, honoring the masculine energy and bringing respect to men figures in their life.

And by failing.
By failing learning the most important teachings.

With gratitude, love and turn on,


This is what happens to a pure generator like me with an open emotional center after two days of no sleep, feeling and witnessing a vortex of emotions due to the tight (and beautiful) contact with other people in the same space.

Chest pressure and tachycardia, it was all fine. As somatic coach and method actress this is pretty normal for me. We absorb and amplify emotions every day, either we are conscious of that of not. If we aren’t conscious the body will remind that to us.

This is what happens to a pure generator like me with an open emotional center after two days of no sleep, feeling and witnessing a vortex of emotions due to the tight (and beautiful) contact with other people in the same space.

Chest pressure and tachycardia, it was all fine. As somatic coach and method actress this is pretty normal for me. We absorb and amplify emotions every day, either we are conscious of that of not. If we aren’t conscious the body will remind that to us.



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