The Holistic Actress presents

December OnLine Event: Understanding and Healing Your Trauma

There are a lot of misconception around the concept of Trauma and his meaning.

Many of us are not informed about the connection between trauma and daily life issues.

Many people think of Trauma only in relationship to catastrophes and tragedies. But the truth is that EVERYONE, in different ways adn size, experienced trauma. And that Trauma has been living in their body till now.

This online workshop and event is studied to give you a clear picture of what trauma is; and what are the consequences of that on a physical, emotional and mental level in the body.

It is also studied to give you tools and somatic practices to start the process of healing.

From a somatic therapist,



 *The event will be recorded and the partecipants will have access to it from The_holistic_actress library website


Sunday December 10, 2023 –

10.30 am Est

16.30 Cest


One does not have to be a combat soldier, or visit a refugee camp in Syria or the Congo to encounter trauma. Trauma happens to us, our friends, our families, and our neighbors.

The body keeps the score.

– Bessel Van Der Kolk

Trauma is not what happened to you, its’ what happened inside of you as a result of what happened to you”

-Gabor Matè


Maritè Salatiello is a certified somatic practitioner, expert on the body, mind, energy connection. Her work as somatic therapist is focused on healing Trauma, shadow work, the process of unshaming emotions, nervous system regulation, energy and embodiment work. Her first encounter to the somatic approach has been the method acting, the old method of the Actors Studio based on the connection between body, emotions and subconscious; she’s graduated as an actress at the Susan Batson studio in New York City. After years of studies on somatic therapy, she recently graduated as Somatic facilitator at the Institute of Santa Fè Shame based by David Bedrick.

My name is Maritè Salatiello, i am an actress and coach specialized on somatic, emotional and energetic work. I have graduated as method actress at the Susan Batson Studio in Nyc, and have studied healing and personal development for years with multiple coaches, teachers and schools. On my way now to become a certified somatic therapist at the Institute of Santa Fè – Shamed based.

As an actress i believe in the power of the body and in the necessity to supporting my artist through paths of self exploration and healing.

As a coach i use the wisdom of the body, mind and energy to create change and transformation in my life, in my world.

I teach the same to all the humans who decide to work with me.