Human Design DISCOUNTED package 3 Sessions

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Many people who book the first session on their human design, end up often to book other ones.

For many reasons: There’s so much to say that it’s hard to keep it in one session, and most important I use human design sessions on specific topics that require time and attention: Business and career sessions (how to build your business and career based on your design), Marketing sessions (how to market your brand based on your HD), Teams, Relationships (either business relationship or romantic ones), Connection charts, Kids and parenting (how the based parenting a kid based on their design and parents design) and so much more.

We can understand your Human Design (and those of the people around you) and apply it in you Day to Day life for best decision making process, thriving in your gifts and strengths.

IF you are interested in booking more of one session with me: this purchase is for you.

Each session is on Zoom and lasts 75 mins (with possibility to be recorded).