Becoming YOU – Personal Transformational Program



3 months to work 1/1 with me in a process of Healing, Self-exploration and Transformation.

I believe the process of Becoming is an individual project. What works for me doesn't necessarily works for you. I also believe on having techniques and methods to move throughout life. That's why my coaching program Becoming You is personalized (basic method+ personalized path).

In this 3 months (minimum amount of time I can work with someone to sustain a certain level of change) personal program, studied specifically on you and your needs, I'll guide you through the 3 steps:

1 month is about your past self: healing your wounds, your trauma and stagnant emotions, blockages and ego resistance, understanding your subconscious patterns and teaching practices to heal them.

2 month is all about your present self: unfolding your truth, meet your freedom, authenticity, creativity, keep removing blockages and rebalancing your nervous system, and tapping into your intuition and power.

3 month is all about your future self: your new self-image, the becoming experience, the creation step by step of the person with the desire, the belief system, the behaviors, the emotions and mindset, the energy that your body needs in order to match with the becoming version of YOU.

An exploration of healing and transformation from your past to your present till your future self.

All of this transformational work is supported by the knowledge of science (understanding how the body and mind and energy work, specifically YOURS),  somatic and sensorial practices (embodiment techniques, breath-work, visualization, somatic movement, acting technique in connection to the emotional and energetic body, and others),  mindset work (personal development work and studies, I'll lead you in new habits and exercises that will change your way of thinking, being open to change in the direction of your authenticity and goals), and the energetic work (new self image work, emotional cleansing, embodiment techniques to reprogram your body, mind and energy).

I a going to be your coach, following you step by step, with no rush and in a safe secure work environment.


  • Everyone who is living a current trauma or difficult experience, who wants to work on past traumas or emotional experiences,  who is emotionally stuck in circles of same negative emotions as depression, anxiety, shame, disconnection, guilt, rage, and any other kind of high emotion or emotional blockage that don't allow them to move forward in their life.


  • Who is ready for an internal exploration of themselves, and/or in need of a change in their life.


  • Who is already in a transformative path and need an external support in the process, a push to get faster and stronger into the next version of them.


  • For those of you who want to get out struggles in business and heal personal relationships patterns.


  • For those who have goals to reach out and need a coach to lead them in the process.


  • For Artists: who needs to create a separation between using their internal world and emotions for the sake of their Art form (singers, actors, musicians, writers, dancers, teachers, creatives, designer, painters.... any kind of art form) and having a balanced physical  emotional, mental body in their own Personal life. I know as an actress how much can be overwhelming not having this internal balance and how much it affects the body on an energetic level. 

Structure of Becoming You:

  • 3 months program
  • every month: 3 weeks of work and 1 week of integration work
  • every week: 5 recorded sessions + 1 live session with me + paper material
  • private access to your portal where you can find all of the contents and having life time access

Read my clients testimonials in the testimonial page of the website, and contact me to book a discovery call to see if we want to know more. Discovery calls are free and with no obligation to sign for the program).

WHAT the program INCLUDES?

  • First workshop: Science behind the scene (the science, neuroscience, studies, psychology, nervous system, hormones, physical body, mind, energetic work...) to understand the topic, the body, the brain, the emotions, behaviors, blockages, how and why we work this way as human beings. This workshop is recorded and lasts 2 hours (or more depending by the subject). (2 hours)
  • Second workshop: Mindset workshop (it's all about mindset, personal development work, belief system, brain functioning, money and manifestation work), it's recorded and lasts 1hour per week. (1 hour).
  • Third workshop is the Embodiment session: every week recorded session you can come back anytime you want, it's where we work on the body through breath, imagination, senses, emotions, feelings and energy on a subconscious level. (1 hour).
  • Four session is the Bonus Session: we'll explore deeper the topic of the week from multiple levels of healing, very much depending by the person I work with. (40 mins).
  • Fifth session: Visualization and Breath practice. (30 mins).
  • One live session with me, to catch up and doing the work. This session is not recorded and last (90 mins.)
  • One week of integration where I am available for Q&A.
  • A printed copy of The Work Book - "Becoming YOU"