As i am approaching the lane for Pfizer vaccine a deep and unexpected emotion walks through my body and ends up with held tears on my face.

I feel stupid of being emotional just because I’m getting vaccinated.

Yes I’ve got lucky, they’re giving me Pfizer and it’s already a good reason for being emotional but tears ?

From the distance I can see the face of the doctors getting in and out of their cabin who are calling us with a lot of patience when it’s the right turn.

I’m a little scared of needles.

Complaining and noises surrounds me, an old woman reclaims her astrazeneca dose reproaching a young male nurse.

For me this moment of seeing myself waiting for my dose of Pfizer on the lane is the end of a long, brutal and extremely sad story.

Covid -19.

For me this day is a rebirth.

Not surprised that is just one day before Fabio’s death anniversary.

I can’t held tears, so I let them discreetly streaming on my face and I’m not scared anymore.

Covid taught me that life goes on.

That science goes on.

That relationships end or recover or transform, but nothing stays the same way.


As soon as we really embrace the concept of cyclicals living we’ll find peace and possibly freedom.

As soon as we stopped holding tears and letting go emotions we stop feeling fear.

As we trust science and take the risk that science can might be wrong but maybe also right, we’ll find collectivity and safeness.

Today June 11, 2021 I got vaccinated for the first dose of Pfizer,

Welcome Back Life.



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