Have you ever felt lost? Not knowing where to go next? overwhealmed by the fear that is too late and the anxiety of having to take action?

Life in this book is described as a constant and never ending cycle of death, healing, rebirth and becoming. A natural path that every human being is called to walk through in different times and with repetition.

The most important thing is to listen to the body wisdom that always know when it is time to stop, die inside, feel, heal and let go, so we can be ready for our rebirth, our next level, our becoming.

Life is a never ending of upgrading stages in this beautiful and scary process.

Here some tools: letters from me, a stranger, about life, love and death and some personal tips to overcome the obstacoles and have faith in the wins you meet along the way.

with love,



My book is a perfect companion to bring with you in every occasion. You don’t have to read it chronologically. You can simply pick the letter for you, based on what season of life you are navigating,and what you need support and guidance on at that specific time.